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A  truly classically styled piece of jewellery. Oval and pear cut man-made diamonds are set in a traditional curve with a single pear stone hanging in the centre. This necklace perfectly complements wedding dresses with classical and sophisticated styling and always looks stunning with strapless dresses. The closest thing to real diamonds for brides wanting an elegant look for their wedding day.
Bridal Necklace IVSNL141
A  stunning set of jewellery, dazzling stones in a beautiful and classic design.  Perfect for brides wanting subtle yet sparkling accessories.
Set IVSS103
A  really beautiful and simply classic design of bracelet - dazzling oval stones are surrounded by tiny pave stones in an elegant setting. Perfect for brides who like a classic look with plenty of sparkle.
Bridal Bracelet - IVSBR141
A beautiful classic jewellery ensemble made from high grade russian man made diamonds (cubic zircona).  A simply stunning choice for any bride looking for glamourous elegance and a timeless piece of jewellery.
Set IVSS104
These beautiful earrings are dainty and sophisticated.  Each a simple set of peardrop cut man-made diamonds, they are dazzling yet understated. Designed for pierced ears.
Earrings IVSER106